Prolotherapy is a natural alternative to both surgery and to the use of cortisone injections to heal chronic pain. Dextrose (purified sugar water) is used to stimulate your own body’s immune system to be drawn to the area of injury so that it can heal itself.

When an area of the body becomes injured, the cells that were traumatized release sugars and fats that call the immune system to the injury. The immune system then rehabilitates and rebuilds the area of injury. This process lasts for 3-4 weeks, at which point the immune system disperses to take care of other problems in the body. If the original injury resulted in a stretch or tear of tissue greater than 4-6%, then the first round of natural inflammation that the body mounts will not be enough to fully heal the tissue.

During prolotherapy injection treatment, the solution used brings the immune system is brought back to the injury site to heal it. The healing inflammation that the prolotherapy creates will last from 3-4 weeks in duration. At this point, the immune system begins to disperse to other parts of the body just as in the very first round of inflammation following an injury.

Prolotherapy treatments on ligaments, tendons and joints are done every 3-4 weeks to continue the healing process. It typically takes 4-10 treatments to permanently heal an injured area. Both during and following prolotherapy treatment, it is recommended that patients undergo rehabilitative treatments through a qualified chiropractor or physiotherapist to correct weaknesses that have set up following the chronic injury.


A combination of ozone gas & tissue building blocks are injected into joints & areas of reduced oxygen uptake to stimulate a healing response. This is often utilized in more degenerative tissue injuries, osteo-arthritis and spinal disc problems. More degenerated injuries are exacerbated by poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation leads to decreased oxygen uptake in the injury which then leads to increased lactic acid production. Increased lactic acid in the injured tissue leads to pain!

When all of these factors are in place, the immune system cannot get to the injured area to do any regeneration or rebuilding. This process can be reversed permanently through the use of prolozone injection therapy.

Research shows that oxidants stimulate growth factors. Ozone is a combination of 3 oxygen molecules in a gaseous form. Because of its structure, ozone is an oxidant and immediately improves oxygen uptake in the damaged tissue along with stimulating growth factors for injury rehabilitation and regeneration.

It usually takes between 3-5 treatments to permanently correct the injury although pain relief is usually seen following the first treatment. Both during and following prolozone treatment, it is recommended that patients undergo rehabilitative treatments through a qualified chiropractor or physiotherapist to correct weaknesses that have set up following the chronic injury.

Patients can expect anywhere from 3-5 treatments of prolozone within a six month period for complete pain relief.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a preparation made from a patient’s own blood that is injected back into an injury to strongly stimulate the body’s own healing response. It was originally pioneered by dentists who injected it into the jaw to stimulate healing. Currently, it is gaining media attention due to its use by professional athletes to speed their recovery back to full performance without surgery.

This therapy is recognized as the cutting edge of injection therapies available today for severely degenerated joints, significant muscle tearing, and injuries that do not respond to prolotherapy or prolozone injections.

Platelets are cell fragments that naturally occur in blood. They are very rich in chemicals called growth factors. Growth factors play an important role in stimulating all of the processes involved in healing an injury. There are at least 10 different growth factors that are known to be released by platelets in response to an injury. When the body is injured, platelets in the blood migrate to the injury to form a clot. As the platelets form a clot, they release growth factors into the blood. Growth factors bring the body’s own stem cells to the injury to kick-start the tissue rebuilding process.

Many orthopedic doctors are now using this technique as an option before surgery. Studies have shown this to be an attractive option because the procedure is quick, the recovery time is minimal and there is no scarring. Research has shown that PRP injections accelerate the healing in tendon and ligament injuries, which are some of the most difficult injuries to recover from.

A quick blood draw starts the process of a PRP visit. The patient’s blood is then put into a centrifuge that spins it at such a high rate that the blood separates into layers. The platelet layer is concentrated through this process by up to 10 times its normal concentration in blood. The platelets are then re-injected into the injured tissue. The entire process in the office takes about 30 minutes.