Dr. Shaun Riddle, ND

Dr. Shaun Riddle is a licensed primary care doctor in the states of Arizona and Washington, as well as a Registered Naturopathic Doctor in Alberta. He is one of the most educated, highly trained and respected naturopathic doctors in Canada. His combination of medical training and experience is unmatched. He has studied extensively in the fields of Lyme disease, chronic infections, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. He is thoroughly trained in European Biological Medicine, as well as Auricular Medicine. He is one of the few ND’s to complete the International Lyme & Associated Disease Society’s (ILADS) physician training program.

Dr. Shaun will be offering predominantly Regenerative Injection Therapies (Prolotherapy, Prolozone and Platelet Rich Plasma), N.A.E.T. Allergy Elimination Technique, testing and treatment for Lyme disease and its associated infections, as well as general health consultation and blood analysis.

dr riddle