The Power of Our Thoughts

Lately, I have been on a personal development journey. It is a journey that is challenging me to become a stronger version of myself.  Thankfully it is also something that I am not doing on my own, I have friends and family guiding me, as well as mentors to provide me with their knowledge and expertise in areas that I wish to improve in.  Most of these mentors don’t know me personally and may not ever.

One very common theme all these individuals talk about is the power of our mind, more specifically our thoughts, and how they control our view of the world. Ever meet one of those (annoying) people who never seems to allow life to bring them down? Whenever life kicks them they seem to get back up and keep going. How about the opposite end of the spectrum: the person who gets a hangnail and their entire day is shot? It all boils down to how they manage their thoughts.

How does this have anything to do with chiropractic and health? I work with a lot of people doing rehab exercises, trying to make them stronger, fitter, or even just getting them to do basic stretching. I see the spectrum of people and their attitudes. Some people love the challenge and accept that they have to put in the work. Then there are the people whose first words are “I can’t.” I’ve barely shown them the exercise and they’re already telling me they “can’t” do it. But with a little bit of coaching, they can, until the next exercise that they emphatically tell me they “can’t” do. Of course, after a few minutes and some more coaching, they magically start to get it and perform the exercise they previously told me they “couldn’t” do.

The main difference between these two people is their thoughts. The first patient’s thoughts were about how this will make them better and how they could do it; the second’s patient’s thoughts were instantly focused on the negative and how they couldn’t do it. The former took control of their thoughts, and the latter lets their thoughts control them.

The question you have to ask yourself is: what are you telling yourself you CAN’T do when in reality you either WON’T do it or just don’t know HOW to do it? What is causing your thoughts to hold you back from taking that next step? How many times has your instant reaction been “I can’t do that because….”? I think instead of asking “why?” you should be asking yourself “why not?” The beautiful thing about living in this instant gratification world, with information at our fingertips within seconds, is that you can do a simple search to find some help if you don’t know where to start. Find someone who knows where to start, a professional who can teach you, or a friend to help you out. There is almost always a way, you just have to have the will to find it.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Henry Ford

“You cannot walk towards your greatness, only away from it.” Keith Kochner


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